Company of Song workshops and retreats

July’s theme is ‘Museum Of Me’ A songwriting workshop and sharing session exploring and celebrating our past, present and future selves – Two sessions 2 days apart.

Free your songwriting spirit, free your mind, reignite your inner child, explore innovative songwriting methods and write several songs (or song sketches).with singer-songwriter/composer Dan Whitehouse and artist mentor Katie Whitehouse.

The format: Monday 15th July – Museum of Me workshop session, demo and Q&A. 2.15 to 4.15pm (GMT)

Over the next two days – in your own time, write songs and explore song ideas – also book a one to one session with Dan Whitehouse

Weds 17th July – We regroup around the virtual campfire to share songs and song sketches. 7-9.30pm (GMT)

£35 workshop, one to one session and sharing session.

£25 workshop only and sharing session.

Working by ear, and improvisation, not music theory based, use simple musical games and exercises to re-connect yourself with your inner-child creative self. You’ll be guided through a series of innovative exercises, including musical and lyrical games, free-writing, and a connection with both self and nature. These exercises are grounded in intuition and improvisation, devoid of music theory prerequisites, welcoming participants of all musical backgrounds.

Dan Whitehouse’s unique method has a track record of helping songwriters overcome creative blocks. Testimonials attest to its success, describing it as a refreshing and inspiring opportunity to dedicate time to the art of songwriting.

“All the ideas were refreshing, and just giving myself the time to devote to writing is pretty rare, even in lockdown.”

“Thank you for helping me get out of my skin.”

“This was like trying to notate feelings, rather than theory”

“I found it useful to let go of perfect chord progressions and focus on the bit that’s inspiring – writing songs”




Monday 15th July & Weds 17 July



with Dan Whitehouse and Katie Whitehouse


Weds September 18th to Friday September 20th 2024

Free your songwriting spirit


Gather round a metaphorical ‘songwriting campfire’ led by renowned, award-winning singer-songwriter and composer, Dan Whitehouse, along with artist mentor Katie Whitehouse. This unique experience offers a modern, soulful journey to unlock your creative potential, drawing inspiration from Dan’s illustrious career achievements. Together, we’ll free your mind, reignite your inner child, and explore innovative songwriting methods. Get ready to craft compelling songs, unforgettable melodies, and powerful stories, all while sharing ideas in a harmonious, nurturing environment.

Earlybird Prices until 5pm on Wednesday 26th June
limited availability  BOOK HERE 







with Reg Meuross & Boo Hewerdine

 4pm Monday January 27th to 11.10AM Friday January 31st 2025


This retreat is a wonderful opportunity for songwriters of all levels to forget about the rest of the world and immerse themselves in their writing amongst like-minded people, and well-supported by Reg and Boo and founder of Company of Song Katie Whitehouse.

The programme includes group and individual tasks to stretch and challenge, opportunities to collaborate, a chance to play songs to Reg and Boo for feedback (song clinics), song sharing with the group, Q&A sessions, space to write brand new songs, time to relax at the bar, and to enjoy good food and good fun.

As well as running workshops and song clinics throughout the three days Reg and Boo will perform a live gig on Thursday night (free for retreat participants and ticketed to the public).

Fees are inclusive of workshops, small group song clinics, full board and accommodation. Visit for more details.


Monday 27th January to Friday 31st January 2025