When considering online songwriting workshops with Company of Song, I was apprehensive at first, and had to make sure it was going to work, you know, to be of worth to the participants. I’ve run the this Songwriting Immersion method many times in person at Arts Centres, and I really believe in the process, but wanted to be certain I could deliver what folks need from it online.

At the start of lock down I was sceptical about online shows, workshops and online life learning in general! I set about doing some research, and after being invited to take part in a week long online songwriting ‘retreat’ with Chris Difford (via HMUK), and then experiencing the wonderful poetry workshops of Anna Saunders (Cheltenham Poetry Festival), plus an excellent day with Laura Viers and a retreat with Song  Seeds I am now a convert!

The process is different, I’ve had to adapt, and little changes make a big difference. Certain tasks are challenging, for example playing live and improvising together is out of the question in sync. However, the Zoom platform does help you to focus on details, and I’ve also found it particularly good for 1 to 1 mentoring sessions where we can really get to the heart of lyrics, for example. It’s almost more intimate than in person actually for those sorts of tasks.

It really does work as a platform. It’s different for sure, but i’ve fused so many new creative collaborations and written many new songs and poems during 2020 and I’m so grateful to all of the creative souls that have taken the leap of faith and shared with me.

I’m now beginning to see music get released that was written, recorded and produced entirely remotely and entirely during this lock down and I’m so pleased with the results – it’s wonderful. ‘Love Is The Answer’ (Todd Rundgren) features on a new compilation release celebrating 15 years of Reveal Records, ‘Love Is The Answer’ is available HERE.